If you have any doubt this is a crooked cop, this should prove Keesee was only interested in framing Bramblett.

Barry Keesee is the consummate liar. Keesee commits perjury on the witness stand as easily as he lies to people he is investigating. He couldn't investigate his way out of a shoe box if it weren't for his lies.

Keesee testified he "thought" it was a murder/suicide until the Medical Examiner told him Blaine Hodges had been dead longer than the rest of the victims.

He "thought" Blaine had killed with a handgun without a barrel. The bullet wouldn't have enough velocity to penetrate a skull. What kind of an investigator would think someone would do that?  He found a perfectly good handgun, barrel and all, in the downstairs closet. It was the plethora of lies Keesee would tell and testify to in the Bramblett investigation and trial.

Keesee testified he went from the crime scene to the autopsy done at a hospital close to the Hodges house. He didn't tell anyone he had been to Brewco the morning of the crime where Bramblett worked . This FACT came out from the FBI-FOIA.



Keesee's trial testimony
Notice he says he left the crime scene at 1:45-2:00 PM-No mention of going to Brewco Signs where Bramblett worked.
It had to be prior to talking with Oxley who he claimed told him it couldn't be a murder/suicide.
Two blatant LIES. This is perjury on the witness stand. Lie about the murder/suicide and lie about going to Brewco.
This is not the "whole truth."
lie1 lie2

Nothing about Brewco because that would blow his lie about murder/suicide and blow his lie Bramblett claimed it was murder/suicide.
Planting evidence, lying under oath, leaving out chunks of evidence, would show Bramblett guilty. This stuff is standard operating procedure for the Virginia State Police Investigators.

 Whatever he needs he makes up.

Keesee was hired by the Virginia State Police when brawn was top of the qualifications. Brains much further down the list, maybe not considered. A high school diploma was desired and many large rednecks became the base from which the Virginia State Police drew their investigators. Longevity played a larger role than intelligence.
The man is a study in psychosis.

This lying scumbag, in telling some homily to bolster his "good ol' boy" persona, told in court of driving one Sunday with his wife, and they just happened to get behind Earl's truck. What a chance event. This is something he "forgot" to mention. It came from the FOIA files.


Keesee edited the tapes Bramblett made as his "diary".  Bramblett was not allowed to hear them until they were played in court. The edited version left out why he made them. The tapes should never been allowed in  trial but Willett wasn't interested in justice, fairness, or an adversarial trial. He wanted to get it done and move on. Keesee fit right in with that plan.
Keesee happens to be the real criminal in this investigation and trial. Here is what Keesee testified in court. "The only suspect." Maybe he is phychic.

Still think they looked at anyone else?

Click here and look at this then!
Here is something Keesee wrote before he realized how it would appear in court. So, it was never mentioned in court. Something else from the FBI-FOIA files

I want no ambiguity about this! Please read this because it is what the police and prosecutor claimed happened.

The "theory" the police and Commonwealth Attorney put forward to the jury by their evidence was:
Earl Bramblett murdered Blaine Hodges sometime Saturday in the wee hours of the morning. Two to six AM. Shot him in the head, didn't wake Teresa lying next to him or the kids in the next room.
Bramblett was painting a door later that day, Saturday afternoon, the kids and Teresa were there and two friends of the Hodges adults came by and visited.
Blaine is dead upstairs.

Bramblett gives Teresa two hundred dollars for Winter's school clothes, Earl leaves and they, Teresa and the children, go shopping. They are seen at a discount clothing store. They come home and spend the night and Blain is still dead upstairs.

Sunday morning Bramblett comes over and Teresa and the children greet him in the back yard. Neighbors come by and Teresa and Bramblett talk with them.
Bramblett, Teresa and the kids all go riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway while Blain is decomposing back in bed upstairs in the house. A Park Ranger comes by and Talks with Teresa and Anna while Winter and Bramblett are jumping on the rocks in a small creek a couple hundred yards away.

They all come back to the house and Teresa needs to call another mother to come and pick up Winter, so they can go to the new school together tomorrow morning. The phones are all dead along with Blain who is still in bed, dead.
Teresa and children get back in Earl's truck and go to a convenience store to use the payphone and arrangements are made about school.

They all come back to the house and hang around. Winter wants Earl to spend the night because she was afraid. Blain is still dead in bed upstairs.
Teresa goes on upstairs to get Bramblett a pillow, so he can sleep on the couch. He starts up the steps to see why she is taking so long and she comes to the top of the steps and says Blain wouldn't like it if he stayed. Blain, of course, is in bed in a room with no door and is still dead. He has been dead almost a full day at this time.

Therefore, they claim sometime during the night, almost five AM, Bramblett strangles Teresa and shoot the kids and goes to work.

This is the police and prosecutor's claim. This was lost in the lies that Burkart told the jury in his hour and a half closing. The few minutes Doubles used in closing mentioned nothing to persuade them otherwise. Doubles was so intimidated by a jury trial he lost his thoughts and asked the jury to rely on their memory. Doubles was truly "practicing" law with Bramblett's life.



 Barry Keesee, murdered Earl Bramblett.


Here is another case where Keesee testifies to something he apparently made up. Watts is a polygraph examiner.


Keesee testified that Watts told the defendant that the result of the test was admissible in a Virginia court of law. Watts, however, testified that he made no statement on the subject.



These notes are either notes Bramblett wrote and tore up or notes gathered from the indentations of writing from
blank pages raised from the note pad.

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