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Murder is what these two shysters were supposed to be defending against but their only interest was to get as much money as possible and do as little as possible, and they did. Court appointed, state paid. According to their demeanor, it seemed like they had never been in a courtroom with a jury before Bramblett's case. Nervous, scared with nothing prepared before trial. The Prosecutor Burkart had all his lies rehearsed and prepared and these two shysters were playing it very badly by ear. The "defense" case was so skimpy and so weak I suspect the forty-five minutes the jury took for the verdict was used mainly as a bathroom break. Doubles and Grimes did not ask a single question of any witness that would shed any new light on the case or help Bramblett in any way. Not one!

Were Doubles and Grimes so inexperienced, incompetent, uneducated in law to not know this? This is from the appeals judge.

"The defendant assigns error to the trial court's action in admitting the video into evidence. The defendant did not object at trial to the playing of the video, and that failure to present the claim below bars review upon appeal. Rule 5:25."

I don't think it was an oversight or a mistake. It was deliberate because it would have sent the trial right back for a retrial. This is why they objected to nothing from the prosecutor.


After the "trial" of Bramblett was completed, Earl Bramblett contacted me by mail and asked I look for evidence of his innocence. I was a Private Investigator at that time and many years before a Roanoke City cop. What I found was almost unbelievable. All of these people in the case were dedicated to seeing Earl Bramblett executed and there is not one item of evidence that he killed the Hodges family. Absolutely none!

If you have looked at the web site above you will see I found a lot of evidence he was not guilty but that made no difference to the lawyers, judges or anyone else that could have stopped his execution by electric chair April 9, 2003. Malcolm McLeod Doubles and Terry Neill Grimes, his two court appointed attorneys, helped that along as much as anyone in the case. There was no defense in this case, everyone was on the prosecutors side, Bramblett's lawyers and Roy Willett, the judge.

Bramblett gave me this Power of Attorney to act in his behalf which I recorded in the Roanoke County Clerks Office February 23, 1999.

When I contacted both Doubles and Grimes by mail and told them of my desire to see the Bramblett files. I was contacted by phone by Grimes, who seemed very hostile, wanting to know what interest I had in the case, etc. Grimes then told me he would have to contact the Virginia State Bar Association for guidance. When I got the Power of Attorney and a notarized letter from Bramblett to Grimes authorizing the release of the files to me, Grimes lied and said the Virginia State Bar Association had told him not to let me see them.
Grimes did not answer this letter stating his LIE in writing.

Grimes eventually turned over some files to the Habeas Attorney, William H. (Will) Lindsey, but none of the discovery evidence from the prosecution was in those files.

Malcolm McLoud Doubles
This little dweeb under represented Earl Bramblett so badly it could have been a Saturday Night Live skit had Bramblett's life not been at stake. Earl Bramblett was not executed for murdering the Hodges, there is no proof of that. Instead, he was arrested, tried and convicted because the incompetent police of the Roanoke area couldn't solve a case of two missing girls back in the 1970s. Bramblett knew these girls and the police tried every way to find something to connect Bramblett with their disappearance. Even digging up a patio at his lake house and having search dogs looking. It was an open case up until Bramblett was executed and "Mac" Doubles was an assistant prosecutor in the Roanoke Commonwealth's office for five years.
Doubles, in talking with Bramblett for over a year before the trial, never once mentioned he had been a prosecutor in Roanoke where the case was still open. Bramblett found this out only after he was convicted. At Bramblett's insistence, and because I thought it unethical also, I filed a complaint to the Virginia State Bar Association about this being a conflict and he should have not taken the case.


When have I ever been mute? I told him about the truck leaving the driveway of the crime scene but he was preoccupied with something other than the Bramblett case. This exchange took place in his ratty little office on the second floor of a dilapidated house. Piles of files and other paperwork strewn helter skelter across his desk.

It was obvious to me why they didn't want me investigating anything on the case after watching the trial. They did nothing to show Bramblett had nothing to do with the murders.

Notice this attorney says to ask another lawyer what he, Doubles, knows about the case.
Doubles opening statement, I was in the courtroom, lasted less than two minutes and it was mostly mumbles and unintelligible sounds.
Doubles closing statement was less than ten minutes long and he asked jurors to depend on their own recollection because he couldn't read his own notes that he had just made sitting at the defense table while the Prosecutor was giving his closing.
This was a Capital Case where a man's life was at stake!
They lost, Bramblett is dead!

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