I have successfully tried all levels of criminal and traffic cases including murder and received repeated not guilty verdicts. I call those cases where my client had the most at stake my best results.

The statement above is from Doubles web page. You can read the rest of puffery in the link above if you want a good laugh. I would like to know where, and who, these murder suspects were.  He is a liar! Bold face liar!

Mac Doubles is a two-bit lawyer and will always be a bottom-feeder in the lawyering business. Fender benders and neighbor disputes is all he is good for, God help the people that hire him for anything serious.

Earl Bramblett would have been better off, couldn't have been any worse off, if he had represented himself. Doubles killed Bramblett with his incompetence. This closing should have disbarred him.

If you are ever of a need to hire a lawyer you

should consider this opening and closing in the

Bramblett murder trial by attorney

"Mac" Doubles

Run from this scumbag!



The Prosecutor had just given an hour and a half opening statement

and this is all this clown came up with.

After another hour and a half

closing by the Prosecutor where he put in everything that wasn't

said in trial, things that may have happened and some straight-out lies,

none of those lies were objected to by Doubles or Grimes,

here is what Doubles finished off Earl with. They have had over a year to

 prepare for this case.







Then a rehash of the same lies by the Prosecutor, again, all without

any objection. If you timed this it took less than ten minutes and Doubles

even forgets what he has just written in his notes and can't read

his own scribbling. Mac Doubles and Terry Grimes, Bramblett's two

court appointed lawyers, murdered Bramblett with their

incompetence and collusion. The year they had to "prepare" for this case

 was to run up charges to the Commonwealth of Virginia since they were

 court appointed.


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