This is the Apple Valley Motel Tape which was never introduced in court. Possibly for two reasons. The first shows how heartbroken Bramblett is. He can't even talk for crying. This was like his daughter and grandchildren killed. He was closer to them than his own children. The second reason is it has nothing showing any guilt on Bramblett's part. That is what it was done for. The police sent these two Hodges brothers there wearing a wire hoping to get something incriminating from Bramblett.  No one can fake this type of grief.

Notice, in particular, that the tape has been altered where the Hodges brother says what his sister-in-law, Teresa Hodges, has been doused with. This covers the lie that Bramblett couldn't have known about the gasoline. But Burkart saying gasoline was used was a lie also. It was kerosene and benzine. This entire case was lies piled on to more lies. Burkart had mesmerized the jury with his opening lies to the point they never considered anything else. They couldn't have been listening.

The motel is on a heavily traffic route (220) and the first sounds are the eighteen wheelers roaring down the highway where the motel is located.

This photo was taken back when Bramblett was the "legendary" figure his friend is talking about. It was made in the ninteen-seventies sexual revolution. Fourteen, fifteen and sixteen year old girls were going to bars and clubs. Not many were ever asked their age or turned away. 


earl Earl Bramblett at trial. He had to sit there and see himself railroaded. You saw the letter to Terry Grimes about the  pathetic performance Doubles was giving. Doubles and Grimes were representing Bramblett so poorly that Bramblett asked the judge if he could question the witnesses and was refused. Willett wasn't about to let anyone create doubt to the jurors.

Willett ruled against sending the trial somewhere else,  ruled the pubic hair evidence knowing all the ways it could have gotten there, ruled the video made in different conditions could be shown.  Roy Willett was 
a prosecutor more than judge. Doubles had been a prosecutor in Roanoke City until a month before being appointed Bramblett's lawyer, Grimes was a lackey concerned with the crease in his trousers, and Williams, the "investigator" was new at the job. The  system was dedicated to kill Earl Bramblett.

bbm Earl Bramblett before he is murdered by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The executioner for the real murderers, Willett, Burkart, Leach, Keesee, Doubles, Grimes, et al.

Bramblett has given in to the inevitable. His appeals are the false evidence presented at trial. None show the new evidence about the lights not installed where the woman saw the truck, the truck coming from a driveway down the street, the conflicting evidence between people and times, perjury  by Keesee and others, the gun not the murder weapon, setting up witnesses by Keesee, Burkart and Leach conspiring to deny Bramblett his civil rights. None of this real evidence was used!

Bramblett's last words before his Murder by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

"I didn't murder the Hodges family. I've never murdered anybody. I am going to my death with a clear conscience. I'm going to my death having had a good life, because of my two great sons, Mike and Doug. Mike and Doug thank you. You blessed me. Be strong, remember the good times. I will love you forever. Thank you for blessing me."

I  miss Earl Bramblett's letters. We corresponded several times a week after his conviction.  I wish I could have done more.  Nothing done made any difference. If someone had come forward and said they murdered the Hodges, Earl Bramblett would still been executed.

Justice meant nothing, evidence meant nothing, the courts, Federal and State, were determined if the lawyers and police wanted Earl Bramblett dead, they would oblige. It was a revelation to me.

Something else a revelation were the people on TV championing the "cause" of the defendants. The oriental Henry Lee, and other forensic doctors, Michael Baden and others. Their interest is where they pretend their interest is justice. Their interest is publicity for themselves, save your stamps and efforts.

The same for the lawyers, Alan Dershowitz and Jerry Spence, although Jerry did write saying he was too busy.
These people are for their self aggrandizement and nothing else.

Centurion Ministries told me they only get involved after someone has been on death row twelve to fifteen years. They aren't going to be helping people in Virginia prisons . Earl was murdered after a little over five years

I have a three inch ring binder full of letters written to organizations supposed to help innocent people. From the sheer number one should have taken an interest. None did.

Maybe now that Earl Bramblett is dead the story will have more patho.
To seek justice for Earl Bramblett will be my mission till I die.

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