The Liar

Don't be fooled by the beatific smile

I have tried to get better pictures of Burkart, even calling his office, but no one will send me one.


Prosecutors say, "The jury was the one that convicted." But Burkart can't claim that because of all the lies he told to that jury. He lied about everything and had he not, there would have been no trial. There was NOTHING that put Bramblett at the scene of the crime. Absolutely nothing!

F.W. "Skip" Burkart, LIAR!


Former Commonwealth Attorney of Roanoke County

Now "Judge" of General District Court Roanoke, Virginia

"I knew something happened to Teresa," he said, because a relative told him gasoline had been sprinkled around her body." Bramblett
Commonwealth's Attorney Skip Burkart says HE didn't know that. He says it took the state crime lab to determine that there was gasoline on and around Teresa Hodges' body and ONLY hers.    (from WDBJ newscast internet archive)

This is a LIE by Burkart even before the trial. There was NO GASOLINE involved. He knew that! He is a LIAR! It was kerosene and benzene.

Burkart may be incapable of telling the truth. Read more of his lies on this page.

These two stories about the truck, first in the dark and Burkart went far beyond the evidence and made a complete lie of what he had, and what he was going to "prove" to the jury. Burkart knew the gun evidence was bogus. He had all the exhibits the police had but he questioned nothing. He phrased the questions so the firearms expert continuing to place lie upon lie until the gun was the murder weapon.
The buckets at the crime scene were matched to buckets Bramblett brought home from a company he had worked for in Lynchburg, VA. Hours of comparison. Bramblett didn't deny he brought the buckets to the Hodges, Bramblett was using them to paint the Hodges house. He was priming the wood with kerosene before applying paint. He was  painting the Hodges house for free and furnishing all the materials, paint, brushes, buckets and ladders.


Burkart also knew the videotape that the police made was nothing like the conditions when, and where, the old lady said she saw the truck. Vinton was enhancing the lighting system on the street where the Hodges house was and had installed new high pressure sodium lamps and lamp posts to the end of the block. The old lady saw the truck   about a quarter to a half mile beyond these lights. When the videotape was made the lights had been installed to the Roanoke City line where the truck was seen. Burkart knew this. In his closing he first says the truck passed the woman where it was the darkest and then, two minutes later, says "that's why I stopped the tape, so you could see the truck under those orange colored lights." Bramblett's truck wasWHITE and the old lady said she saw "pinkish red" truck. It was a red truck but the police got her to amend the color to be pinkish red. She said it was beat-up and dirty. Bramblett's truck was a 1972 Ford 150 and it was not beat-up and never allowed to get dirty.

Burkart always referred the truck coming from the Hodges driveway. This was another LIE that he was aware of. The truck came from a driveway TWO doors West, a painting contracting storage building at the time of the crime. I found out about it when I got the FOIA-FBI information. Burkart  deliberately concealed it.

In Burkart's hour and a half closing he dwelled on the gun, which was a lie, he dwelled on the truck he knew was a lie, lied about Bramblett saying Teresa had been doused with gasoline. The entire case Burkart presented was lies, and he knew it.

Burkart also made much ado about a pubic hair on the children's bed that they claimed was Bramblett's. Bramblett was in the house a lot so there is no doubt there were many pubic hairs there. A fireman stood on the bed, another put their hands on the bed after crawling on the floor. Someone threw a tarpaulin over the bed. These could have transferred the hair from any place in the house to the bed.

Burkart is now a General District Court Judge and his lies in this case got him there. He sits in judgement when his career was advanced by being a crooked, lying, prosecutor that is supposed to serve justice, but he framed Bramblett with lies and deceit. Burkart murdered Earl Bramblett as surely as if he had taken a gun and shot him.

Burkart's Lies Murdered Earl Bramblett

Here is the first story about the truck and the lights that Burkart told in this closing.
 From the court transcript.



Mike Stovall, a Vinton cop, had testified the lights weren't installed but to Pollard Street
About five hundred feet to the end of the block at the Hodges murder scene. Mrs McGee
saw the truck about a half mile further down the street where the lights had NOT been installed.

This shows why Burkart had to tell two lies.


But the tape was made AFTER the new high pressure sodium lights had been installed to the Roanoke/Vinton city line.

The even misidentified the new lights as Halogen when they were High Pressure Sodium lights.

Facts were never a part of this investigation or trial.

Burkart continues with his closing and here is the lie. He had just said
it was the darkest part of the highway.

Burkart is now a General District Court Judge. This is not
a position he can put anyone to death. Probably why he
got that job.

to death.
crime scene map
Here is an actual map of the street. The UP arrow on the left is where
the lights ended. The DOWN arrow on the left is where the truck passed.

Another lie by Burkart in his closing


it didn't leave the Hodges driveway. Here is what the FOIA had in it.


A gravel driveway two doors west of the crime scene.
This is Keesee's notes from the Freedom of Information.
Ford Rangers weren't made until 1982-Earls was a 1972.
Just more half-assed police work by Keesee.

There was also a deaf mute that saw the truck. His name is Mark Stevens and
he also works for the post office as a maintainence man. He was not called to
testify and he will say nothing (actually, sign nothing) to anyone for fear for his, and his family's life.

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