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These two entries on my Guest Book deserve their own web page. This is the now retired Virginia State Police Investigator Barry Keesee's daughter writing and signing with her maiden name.




mr graham...if I might say so seem completely enamored and obsessed with this case. You have no idea what the hell you are talking about or the hours and years of hard work that went into solving this murder and sending earl to his justified death. my dad interviewed him and came home & told my mom "I know that this man murdered this famly of four"...This is an investigator who has more common sense and can read people better than anyone I know. does it really matter? Earl has been fried, died and layed to the side...get over it. you really need to make better use of your time than pining away over a murderer and child molester...really...
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I am so happy that you wrote this on the guestbook.


It goes to what I have been saying all these years. That instead of an investigation, your father determined Earl Bramblett committed the murders and did not investigate the crime like it should have been.

Damn right, I am obsessed with the injustice your father committed along with Burkart and Leach, the Commonwealth Attorney and his assistant. It was as much of a murder as whoever killed the Hodges.

Doug Graham



Name: kristy keesee

Entry Date: 2011-08-22 04:00:20

Visitor Comments: you are all a bunch of morons if you think this man didnt murder this family of four and possibly molest Winter. I watched for years as my dad put this case together as the lead investigator for the State Police. He helped to nail the right man and send that SOB to the electric chair. The world is now a safer place because of honest, ethical heros like my dad.


Admin Reply:

What makes you so sure? Did your father tell you that? I'm telling you Bramblett did not kill the Hodges. Even a Hodges family member has said he did not kill the Hodges. You think you know more than she does about the crime?


One or two of the Hodges brothers kept calling me back in 1997-1998 trying to convince me Bramblett committed the murders. I wondered at that time why they would try to want someone convicted that had nothing to do with the murders. It became perfectly clear when the Hodges woman said what she did. They wanted Bramblett convicted so the relative that killed them could go free.


The truth has a way of finally coming out if we wait long enough. Your dad "nailed" the wrong man.



Doug Graham





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