On September the fifteenth of two thousand and eleven the entry by Hodges was almost too good to believe. Since there was no email address I didn't know if it was legitimate or just someone else trying to screw up the website, which has happened in the past.

Then the next day two more guest book entries, one being private asking what I knew about Gary Hodges involvement in the murders.

Through some checking, I found out the entries were coming from an address owned by Lara Hodges. My sources were this was a twenty-one year old female and that would make her about five or six years old when the murders occured.

Adults think children are in their own little world and talk about things they think little ears have no interest in. Many times they are wrong. This, I believe, is one of those times. I don't think Lara would make the statement "Earl Bramblett did not kill the Hodges." unless she was certain of that.

I have kept the secret of her name until now. I have pleaded with her to tell what she knows to a lawyer or law enforcement outside of the Roanoke Valley. I have appealed to her conscience and sense of what is right. What I got is asking me to please not contact her further.

It is time we got the truth from someone that knows.


9-15-2010 Guest Book Entry by Lara Hodges

I am so amazed at the dedication you have about this case. For once someone has said the truth! EARL BRAMBLETT DID NOT MURDER THE HODGES

9-16-2010 Guest Book Entry by Lara Hodges

I have a question for you Mr. Graham what intrest you so much about this case....just wondering. 

9-16-2010 Private Guest Book Entry by Lara Hodges

Do you have any information about Gary Hodges which is Blaines brother and his involvement.

12-29-2010 My Email to Lara Hodges

Hi Lara, You asked me about Gary. I told you what I knew, which is very little.Please tell me what you know, which is a lot I believe.Something urged you to write me on the guestbook. I am very interested in what you have to say.Please write me back. Doug

jan 10, 2011 My email to Lara Hodges

Hi Lara, There was something in your conscience that made you contact my Guest Book with your revelation.That will always be nagging at you to do the right thing before things in your life fall into place.Bad things are going to start happening to you, maybe they already have started, until you get this out in the open.Knowing what you know of the crime and carrying that around is burden I'm happy I don't have.Don't let it wreck your life, tell someone that can do something about it. Doug

Jan 18, 2011 Lara Hodges email to me

Because I ask one simple question bad things are going to start happening to me? Is that a threat? Obviously you got the wrong impression on what I was trying to do.  Please do not contact me further!

April 24, 2011 My email to Lara

Hi Lora,

This is a threat and this is it. Unless you start talking to me I am going to put all your emails on the website telling who you are.
Now tell me about Gary and why you asked about him and what else you know about the Hodges murders..


April 24, 2011 My email to Lara