I received this letter several days after Earl's murder by the Commonwealth of Virginia. He knew he wasn't ever going to be free even if someone had confessed to murdering the Hodges. Too many people's careers were in jeopardy after all the lying and conspiracy convicting him.

The letter had been mangled by one of the post office machines and I got it in an envelope from the post office.
Earl had tried to file his own last appeal. Instead, it was done by Will Lindsey and Jennifer Givens before he could get his filed.

Lindsey and Givens used the same old  phony evidence presented at trial and every appeal. They had the new evidence but didn't use it.

Lindsey did his part in murdering Earl Bramblett.

Lindsey has the now useless evidence that was sent to him by Terry Grimes (minus the discovery evidence) and still refuses to release it to me. I have the sworn statement recorded in the Roanoke County Clerk of Courts Office from Bramblett that gives me permission to have the Bramblett files, but Salem Scumbag Attorney William H. (Will) Lindsey says I have no rights to them since Bramblett is dead. If that is the case, Lindsey is saying wills and trusts transferring ownership are useless after the person owning them dies.

Typical Salem lawyers (Roanoke County) that makes up the laws as they see fit  knowing the courts will agree. It's easy to be a lawyer in the Roanoke, VA area. Just make up anything you need, knowing what the laws claim is not necessary.

William H Lindsey Law Offices

His Motto --------------> Laws Are Laws- Ha! Funny!

628 S Colorado Street,
Salem, VA 24153

(540) 375-3833

(540) 389-0595 Fax

See Power of Attorney-click here

I called Mrs. Dorothy McGee the morning, 6-13-2003, and she said the man in the rusty red truck, she saw coming from the drive the morning of the murders, wore a cap. I asked if it was a baseball cap, she said it wasn't. She said it was a driving cap or a golf cap. She said it was one that had a button on it above the bill where it could be buttoned down. A cloth cap.
I asked if she mentioned this to Barry Keesee, and she said she did. I wanted to make absolutely sure of this and asked a couple more times and she got suspicious and said she imagined she did, must have had to mention it, and other statements hedging her first response.

A cap on the driver was never mentioned in trial. She was quite definite about the truck being a dusty, or rusty, red. She said there were no lights along there until you got under the bridge and into the City of Roanoke where she saw the color in the headlights from her car.

I also asked her if Barry Keesee was her "friend" she had to check with before she talked with me before, and she said it was. However, she then said she didn't remember me calling before.

It was a very informative conversation. She also didn't remember the story about her forgetting her house keys that morning and having to get the spare from the neighbor. Or that making her late to be in front of the Hodges that time of that morning.

Earl Bramblett was murdered by a conspiracy of police and lawyers. That is why Terry Grimes, court appointed lawyer for Bramblett, didn't want me seeing Bramblett's files. I had a notarized Power of Attorney, which I showed him, and gave him a notarized letter from Bramblett to let me inspect the files. These attorneys withheld information that I had a legal right to see and inspect. When I did get to see the files at Will Lindsey's office, all of the discovery material had been withheld or destroyed. Evidence that would prove Doubles and Grimes conspired to never mount a vigorous defense.

I had a team of experts that wanted to see the fire photos but Will Lindsey wouldn't let me make copies for their inspection. Lindsey wouldn't return my calls or from Bramblett's brother. Lindsey wouldn't allow files to be copied. This was a conspiracy.

I have tried to get the files from Lindsey and Givens since the murder of Earl Bramblett. Givens will not answer my emails and getting in touch with Lindsey he gives me a story about having to retain the files. I had called the VA State Bar Association and there is no requirement they keep the files. Jennifer Givens said she was required to keep the files for seven years. Just another lie. Bramblett's brother finally got to copy forty-eight pictures of the fire damage but Lindsey said he was afraid I would put the victims pictures on the Internet. The scumbag is so sensative.

All the business with the Hodges is over! The crime I am inquiring into is the crime they conspired to kill Earl Bramblett. There is sufficient evidence they did. Will Lindsey told me I had no legal standing with the Power of Attorney since Bramblett was dead. That is the same thing he was saying before Bramblett's murder. He wouldn't give me any of the pictures or files for the experts. He still will not release the files. Lindsey knows he didn't do everything he could do to prolong Bramblett's life. William (Will) H. Lindsey is just another two bit Salem lawyer making a living off other people's misfortunes always taking the easiest way. He did nothing for Bramblett, and he had the information to work with. Crook, liar and lying scumbag!

There is one thing I learned from this case. None of the lawyers in this case knew anything about law.
Lying seems to be what they they relied on mostly. I always looked up the law or rules before I asked
for anything from them. They just spouted off anything that came into their head for an answer.
Will Lindsey and Jennifer Givens are the main offenders of this.

Two-faced Scumbag Salem Lawyer

This letter I sent Lindsey when he wouldn't

call me back or take my phone calls.

His involvement had changed and I wanted to let him know I was aware of it.




lindsey letter

lindsey letter

There was never a denial of my accusations. He knows he didn't try. He sold Earl out!
Lindsey is just another lying scumbag lawyer in this case.

I asked for Bramblett's files after Bramblett was murdered but Lindsey wouldn't release them. His reason was he was required to keep the files for six years, this was a lie or Lindsey didn't know what he was talking about. I had already checked. There is no law or rule that requires this. Even after Bramblett's death he's still doing everything to conceal the truth and his role in Bramblett's murder.




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