The official transcript of a trial is on Vidio. I have asked the court to sell me a copy of the Bramblett trial and I was refused. I wished to show you the actual proceedings so you could see what a farce the Bramblett trial was and how Bramblett was under represented by his trial lawyers, Mac Doubles and Terry Grimes.

Scumbag lawyer Will Lindsey of Salem, VA has the tapes the police and fire marshall made and refuses to release them to me even after more than twenty years after the murders. He is and was part of the conspiracy.

The Vinton police and State Police Investigator Barry Keesee framed Earl Bramblett for the murders of the Hodges family that happened in nineteen-ninety-four in Vinton, Virginia . There have been tens of thousand of hits on this website and tens of thousands of posts left on my guest book. Most are favorable but many wonder how the number of people involved in the investigation could conspire to obstruct justice to convict an innocent man. It seems almost unbelievable but it is quite common in the courts of small cities and towns in the United States. Places where national publicity hardly ever concerns itself with.
The last few nights I have been watching a Netflix series called "Making a Murderer" and it has many of the same situations as the Bramblett frame-up that I prove happened in the investigation and court case in Virginia. If you are interested in this type of thing, justice, then I ask you to first look at my website and all the pages therein, it will take over an hour, and then watch the series "making a Murderer." It will open your eyes to the extent the police will go in convicting someone they have picked as the criminal. Not only that, it may save your life if you, or even someone you know, are around when a crime is committed. Having nothing to do with it will not save you from spending years in prison or execution if the investigator hones in on you as the perpetrator. An alibi is useless even if a dozen of your friends claim you were with them when the crime happened.



Doubles And Grimes did nothing to defend Bramblett.

The original note made by the secretary said Hodges was a truck driver.

Tractor-trailer is just something Doubles threw in. Sloppy as usual.

Doubles says he thought it would be interesting, meaning it wasn't

going to be acted on further. This is why they are scumbags.