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Dr. David Oxley was the Medical Examiner for Southwestern Virginia for thirty years or more. He has now retired and the police and prosecutors have lost a valuable asset. He gave them most anything they wanted in all those years he was working. These people, in the Virginia State Crime Laboratories, are just police in lab coats. Thoroughness was not one of Oxley's strong points. As in the case of Blaine Hodges, you may remember, he had the assistant roll the dead man out, made a cursory examination on the body, and determined he had been dead longer than the other Hodges. He, apparently, didn't take into account Blaine Hodges body had been baking for an hour and a half in the upstairs of the house, right above the smoldering fire. The bedroom where he lay was like a pizza oven, the blood was bubbling from his head wound. Yet, Oxley said he had been dead longer than the rest and it was never considered again.

David Walter Oxley-Dead at 68 on 6-20-2004

Dr William Mussallo, Assistant Medical Examiner at the time, wasn't a lot more thorough. I specifically asked Mussallo in person if he had examined Teresa Hodges mouth for other body fluids and he said he DID NOT. He is either incompetent or a liar. How can anyone do an autopsy and leave out something that important? Teresa Hodges was found on the couch on her stomach, placed there after she had been strangled, or strangled there, and she was wearing only panties. Her shorts were across the room and the rest of her clothing under her body. There was a large clump of hair on the stairs which indicates she put up a fight before being killed.

DNA evidence in this case was never used although there was DNA evidence. The only DNA used was the pubic hair on the children's bed and the result was it MAY have been Bramblett's. Fingernail scrapings and DNA from Teresa's body was never shown. The police, medical examiners and prosecutors supressed it. It's in the court testimony. Doubles asked for it once and then forgot about it. It was never shown. This was a conspiracy.

Mussallo is now the Medical Examiner for North Dakota.

"Dr." William Mussallo

He is either incompetent or a liar. Most likely, both.

Now Medical Director for North Dakota

Most of the evidence was not tested because Keesee and another "investigator" Humphreys ordered it halted in early September. They had determined Earl Bramblett was the killer and didn't want anything to show anyone else did it.

What happened to the DNA evidence? It was never presented at trial!

Mentioned one time by Doubles in the trial and was never followed up.


Below are the police drawings and notations


There was no door on bedroom #1, just a curtain that had been pulled down and thrown
across Blaine Hodges Body. The Bedroom door #2 was almost closed. The landing at the
top left hand corner was where the fire was smoldering
and flamed up when the front door
glass was broken, creating a draft, when the fire was first discovered.

hodges Vinton House
As you can see from this picture, the Hodges house sustained very little structural damage except to the landing in the living room leading to the upstairs. The rest was cosmetic and all would have cost very little to repair. The house was owned by one of Blaine Hodges brothers and it was demolished a few months after the crime. There is nothing there except a vacant lot now.
living room of house        closeup
This is the why and how nothing else was burned. The "Fire Investigator" knew nothing about fire, he was a State Police Investigator at the time, and came to court as a "Fire Expert" after he retired, and it was obvious he didn't know anything about fire from the tape that was made by the police and Fire Marshall . The tape was not played in court because it showed all sorts of wild guesses. Here is how the fire traveled after it had used the oxygen in the house because all the windows had been closed.  There had been a scatter rug between the landing and couch.

the fire path

Testimony by the fireman was he stepped on the landing and flooring fell into the basement and only another fireman grabbing him prevented him from falling into the basement also. The tape made by the police, which I saw, shows them claiming gasoline was poured through the coal chute into the basement. Had the tape been played in court it would have shown these wild guesses and that they knew nothing about fire investigation. These "investigators" were generally just traffic cops.

When Conrad wrote the original letter to Keesee, which I imagine Keesee asked for, he said nothing about the gun he "found" was like an Arminus, in fact, he said the gun was just like the revolver in item 6. The "just" makes it an exact match. He was still trying to cover his lie!
This is the letter written to Keesee two years after he first said the
piece of firearm couldn't be the murder weapon. Three months after
he says he found this "new evidence." (rollover)

This is the document he gave much later saying he lied at trial.
Its people like William Conrad that makes forensic "evidence" worthless.
Here is William Conrad's picture. His lies killed Earl Bramblett.
Anyone taking this man's word for anything should know better.

Conrad, in a telephone call I placed to him, promised to send me the notes
and evidence of the gun he "found." I believe that was about 2002, I don't think
 he is still looking and I have stopped waiting for it. As always, he lied!
Heere is how much Conrad knows about firearms.
This is the crime scene photo
Now, if three people had just been shot in the head at close range the gun would have blood and gore on it.
As you can see it is clean.
Here is a gun just like the one in the crime scene. The clearer picture is one I searched for and found.
They are IDENTICAL. Conrad called it an Arnimus it is a Harrington & Richardson.
It has six grooves and lands when it has a barrel.
All through the trial it was called an Arminus.



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