April 17, 2011





Casey interjects his own bias in the story by claiming

Bramblett "had a history of molesting young girls" and

"an unhealthy obsession with Winter Hodges."

I believe this is his cover to placate the people I accuse.

I was/am happy/surprised to get anything about this in print.

Winter was looking for some stability in her life

and Bramblett paid for her baton lessons and two

hundred dollars for her new school clothes.

Then he kills all of them when school is starting

the next day? GET REAL!

Roger Harris response to the story

This is the only way I have of responding to the Harris alligations and statement

Detective Harris had a very miniscule role in the investigation of the murders of the Hodges family and an even lesser role with his trial testimony

Click here to see Roger Harris's riveting testimony in the Bramblett trial.

It would be nice if one of the principals in the investigation and/or trial would answer some questions about the many substantive differences. Since these people can only claim they flat-out lied I have little hope of any of them responding to anyone's questions, mine, yours or a reporter's. Randy Leaches' statement "that they got it right" will be all you will ever hear. They will not take questions about the case, none of them pictured on the first page of the website.

Harris lies when he claims I fail to mention most of the evidence that led to the conviction of Bramblett. I will put any evidence  that shows Bramblett's guilt on the website. Why? Because there is none! What does the "evidence" like a T shirt, license plate and a diary ripped in half that have a few vulgarities in it have to do with guilt? Is Harris claiming that is evidence of guilt? Apparently so.

The women he speaks of that risked their reputations to testify against Bramblett were coerced, intimidated and threatened by police exactly as Tracy Turner was. Do you think there was this great groundswell of girls, now women, that contacted the police saying they had been abused by Bramblett. They hadn't. They were girls that wanted to be around Bramblett because he gave them liquor and beer and cigarettes and transportation and fun back in the nineteen-seventies. That is not evidence of murder. It was the time of the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, the sexual revolution, hippies, free love. Any girl fifteen or older that had a pair of high heels and makeup could get in about any club in the Roanoke Valley, the Harvest House, Candlelight, Joe and Johhny's, the Moose Clubs, Papa Joe's, the Foxe's Den and the rest. Bramblett was no different than hundreds of men in the Roanoke Valley that did the same if they were single and nice looking, which Bramblett was. His picture during those years is also on the website.

Paranoia is like the emotion jealousy. It doesn't have to have facts for the owner to have certainties of its existence. Bramblett was paranoid. His paranoia was that Blain Hodges was trying to set him up on a child molestation charge to  get his sentence to prison cancelled or probation instead. He was making his tape recordings so he could prove he never touched Winter or Anna Hodges. The autopsy reports show neither child had ever been molested, Winter was still a virgin. Would Bramblett send the tapes to his sister asking they be turned over to the police if he was killed prove otherwise?

The plain and simple fact was, and is, that Earl Bramblett was framed. And it's on this website for everyone to see with their own eyes.